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Serving Minden & Surrounding Area for 30 Years!

Excellence in healthcare... in your home.

Since 1985, Minden Medical Center's Home Health Agency has been providing home care services to parishes within a 50-mile radius of Minden, including Webster, Claiborne and Bienville Parishes.

Our goal is to help people recover in a safe home environment with comfort, independence and dignity. We deliver quality, professional home care services through caring, and knowledgeable staff utilizing ethical practices. We teach each patient to become as independent as possible, in the place which feels most comfortable…home. 

Our home health services include:

  • Skilled Nursing A Registered or Licensed Nurse provides nursing care and treatments ranging from traditional to high-tech services coordinating a physician-authorized plan of care with patients and their families. 
  • Physical Therapy Physical therapists address the rehabilitation needs of large muscle groups. Some of these services include improving balance, increasing walking ability, and decreasing the loss of range of motion. Our physical therapists visit patients in their home and develop a personalized treatment plan to progress towards their physical goals. Goals are set with each patient’s input to help them achieve the highest level of functional mobility and safety in the home. Click hereto read more. Physical Therapy Services include: 

    • Joint Replacement Therapy 
    • Total Hip 
    • Total Knee 
    • Total Shoulder 
    • Stroke Recovery Care 
    • Home Safety Evaluations 
    • Gait and Transfer Training 
    • Assistive Device and Equipment Training 
    • Balance Screenings for Safety and Coordination 
    • Instruction in Body Mechanics and Safety Techniques 
    • Exercise Programs for Strength, Endurance, Coordination, and Balance Improvement 

  • Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapists help restore fine motor movement. They can also adapt or recommend equipment to improve the patient's ability to perform personal care and home management tasks, such as meal preparation, laundry and general housekeeping. Our Occupational Therapists fill a unique role in environmental modification through evaluation, intervention, and outcome measurement by facilitating the creation of a safe, accessible home. Working with patients and families, we establish goals to improve quality of life and ensure our patients can live independently and safely in their home environment.                                                                                                                                                                                           
    • Environmental Assessment - A thorough, in-home or on-site assessment of the patient’s daily environment and ability to perform regular daily tasks. Therapists will suggest modifications to ensure the patient’s safety.                                                                                      
    • Fall Risk and Balance Assessment Thoroughly assessing sense of balance may include surveying the patient’s vision, gait and mobility, in addition to identifying medications which may cause drowsiness or sluggish behavior. Therapists will suggest appropriate physical, environmental and behavioral modifications to reduce fall risk. 
    • Cognitive Assessment This assessment may include observing the client for cognitive impairments, memory loss, judgment, 
  • Speech Therapy Speech therapists help patients increase their ability to express or receive communications. They can also work with patients to improve their thinking and memory capabilities and to improve their swallowing function. 
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Click here to read more. 
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Click here to read more. 
  • Diabetes A Registered or Licensed Nurse provides education to further understand and help manage diabetes. 
  • Low Vision Click here to read more. 
  • Home Medical Equipment Home medical equipment refers to the pieces of equipment a patient may require addressing their health care needs, such as oxygen. Arrangements can be made to coordinate the delivery of the equipment to the patient's home. 
  • Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals or drugs that are needed for infusion therapy can be coordinated to meet your therapy needs. 
  • IV Therapy Registered Nurses provide direct intermittent care until patients, caregivers and all healthcare providers are confident with the treatment plan. Patient progress is monitored and regular reports are provided to the patient's physician. Click here to read more. 
  • Psychiatric Nursing Ramah Bordelon, RN builds a therapeutic alliance, educates patients and caregivers on disease process, and administers psychiatric injections as ordered by the physician. Using advanced clinical judgment and practice, Ramah will assess, plan, implement, manage and evaluate plans of care – including treatment with psychotropic medications, case management and consultation. Click here to read more. 
  • Wound Management Cliff Moss, RN, WCC is trained and experienced in wound management, the healing process, and the selection and use of effective wound products and devices. The effects wounds have on our patients can be physically and emotionally challenging. Wounds often take a long time to heal, may be painful, and can limit a patient’s function. Therefore, it is important that each patient with a wound to receive the best possible care. Click here to learn more. Cliff is trained and experienced in treating all types of wounds including:
    • diabetic wounds 
    • pressure ulcers 
    • trauma wounds 
    • surgical wounds 

Minden Medical Center Home Health Agency respects every patient’s unique health needs and believes that educating patients about their condition empowers them to become actively involved in their recovery. Home is often the best place for healing. Surrounded by familiar settings, family and friends, where you can relax and allow the healing process to begin. 

MMC Home Health Agency services may be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran's Administration, Worker's Compensation and Private Pay. Our agency was awarded Accreditation from the Joint Commission, a voluntary survey, and is licensed by the State of Louisiana.

Our home health agency is currently located in the Park City Shopping Center in Minden at 346 Homer Road. For more information, please call (318) 377-4663 or send an e-mail to:

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