What can I expect from MMC? 

You can expect to always be very satisfied with the care you receive from MMC Special Deliveries. We are dedicated to giving you the best quality of care offered by a local name you can trust. You can expect a highly trained perinatal staff. Each nurse completes and keeps current AWHONN fetal heart monitoring as well as many other certifications. We have instructors for all of these certifications in house. We have a state of the art Central Electronic Fetal Monitoring System, GE Centricity Perinatal system that allow us to monitor up to 9 laboring patients at a time centrally all viewable from 12 locations throughout the Lu0026amp;D unit. All of this is from the comfort of your private labor, deliver, recover, and post-partum birthing suite.

Why attend Child Birth classes?

MMC provides a Lamaze based childbirth class free of charge to all Women’s Clinic patients. We want our patients to be as prepared as possible for the birth of their newborn. Our childbirth class offers information about what to expect @ MMC, information and discussion of pain management options, breathing and relaxation techniques for all stages of labor, information on infant security, and general information about actual Labor and Birth. Any patient who wishes to use birth aids such as the birth ball, portable monitor for walking, birth bar, or different pushing positions will need to attend class. This class also offers your orientation to the hospital itself and procedure to follow when you come in for delivery.

Who performs the epidurals?

We do offer epidurals for pain relief. Epidurals are preformed by our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA’s) at the bedside.

What options are available for pain management?

We offer several options for pain management. We offer IV medicine, epidurals, walking, use of the birth ball, help with focal points and relaxation techniques.