Birth Certificates

The Birth Certificate process at Minden Medical Center is performed via Electronic Birth Certificate Software (EBC). Information is obtained from the parents via a form provided by the Nursery personnel. A Health Information Management Technician transports information from the form into the Electronic Birth Certificate. The HIM Technician must obtain a parent’s signature prior to discharge. Parents are instructed to ensure that all information on the certificate is correct due to the fact that the LA Vital Records Registry imposes a $27 correction fee per error.

In the event a signature is not obtained, a certified letter must be mailed by the day following discharge. Weekend discharges would be mailed the following working day. A parent is given 5 days to sign the Birth Certificate. All certificates must be mailed within 15 days from the date of birth.

Louisiana Vital Records Registry
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160
Attention: Records Acceptance Clerk


A Complimentary Birth Certificate is a service provided by Minden Medical Center. The Certificate is used as a keepsake for the family of the newborn. (This is not the actual Birth Certificate) Footprints of the baby are obtained by the Nursery personnel. this typed by the Health Information Management Technician, signed by the delivery physician, and the Administrator of Minden Medical Center. Upon completion the certificate is mailed to the parents.


Minden Medical Center  318-377-2321
Minden Medical Center HIM  318-371-5620
Minden Medical Center Birth Certificates  318-371-3202
La. Vital Records Registry  1-504-219-4500
Webster Parish Health Unit  1-318-371-3030
Webster Parish (Clerk of Court)  1-318-371-0366

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